ZAKS Developments Group

At ZAKS DEVELOPMENTS GROUP we design and develop a variety of applications that fall under different domains of work such as medical, real estate, maritime and other types of service.

We also study the work environment of small or medium companies, to be able to provide our customers with appropriate apps, which reduces the daily paperwork's routine.

We produce two types of applications: Windows Apps, and Web Apps. And in both types we make sure to use the minimum resources, considering the optimal performance and convenient use for our customers.

We offer high-end apps that are characterized by stability and flexibility, these apps provide a clear and easy to use GUIs. Far away from complexity, confusion and optical dazzling.

Side by side with apps development we in ZAKS DEVELOPMENTS GROUP are interested in graphics design as well, where we design logos, trademarks, documents and flyers. Adding a touch of elegance to our software products.